Go Mani Go (Vinyl)


…Dear Twistniks! First off, let us thank you for buying this contemporary twist classic:
beigel-shaped, spindle-holed, and all geared to toroidal rotation at 45 revolutions per
spinning minute. The great twistosopher Willy Bergman, whose determination to
dominate dancedom brought him love, pain, arrogance and wild humility had a motto
on his family chest : ‘veni fili viri, twistabit’. How true that is! What a motivational pick-
me-up to share.

“Let’s!” In Yiddish they say ‘dreyen mit dem hintl  & shvitsn vi a biber. Yo! lozn dayn
ruknbeyn dreyen’ and in English they say the same – the message is truly
Twisternational. The Yiddish Twist Orchestra are the new retropolitan twist

Please now spin the wax.

Bergman’s Dream. Torque and torsion, centrifugal dancehalls, potters’ wheels, nebulae,
merry-go-rounds. His mind span and hummed like a bull-roarer. Sweat sweat sweat. If
from this I could make a dance, oy.


  1. A1. Go Mani Go 3.49
  2. A2. Shake Your Pick 3.41
  3. B1. No Coins (in the fountain) 3.28
  4. B2. Rotem's Epl 2.54

produced, mixed by: Andrew J Jones
Engineered by: Dougal Lott
Mastered by: Nick Robbins at Sound Mastering, London

on personnel;
Drums: Roy Dodds
Bass: Simon Edwards
Organ and piano: Robin Harris
Electric guitar: Ben Mandleson
Trombone: ‘Trombone Poet’ Paul Taylor
Saxophone and clarinet: David Bitelli
Trumpet: Simon Finch
Voice: Natty Bo